TRO Marine™ Smart Sensor






The TRO Marine™ Smart Sensor is an accurate and reliable total residual oxidant measuring device designed to automate and simplify operation of water treatment systems. Our proprietary design is a revolutionary breakthrough in automated water treatment that is completely maintenance free. Unlike other sensors on the market, the TRO Marine™ does not require expensive chemical reagents, frequent recalibration, or fragile membranes.

Key Benefits:
- Automates Water Treatment System
- Maintenance Free - Extends life of Electrolytic Chorine Generators - Eliminates Need for De-chlorinators - Ensures Safe Level of Chlorine Discharge Reduces Manpower & Energy Requirements - Low-cost, Inline Installation -

- Navy/Coast Guard:
Desalination Systems, Cooling Water Treatment, Ballast Water Disinfection
- Industrial:
Cooling Towers, Power Plants, Municipal Drinking Water, Waste Water
- Commercial:
Swimming Pools, HVAC Systems


Concept of Operations


Output: 4-20mA, Relay Closure, USB

Range: 0 – 15 ppm

Accuracy: ±5% + 0.05 ppm

Operating Voltage: 12 – 38 VDC

Pressure: 0-300 psi

Maintenance: Self Cleaning

Temperature: Measures temperature

Pipe Penetration: 1" diameter

Size: 1" diameter x 3" long

Weight: 1 lb

Simple to Install and Maintain:
Unlike conventional amperometric sensors, TRO Marine™ Sensors are easy to install and operate. The sensors can be installed directly on the main line. No expensive chemical reagents or special flow loops are needed. In addition, the TRO Marine™ is completely maintenance free!

Return on Investment:
The TRO Marine™ actually pays for itself within 1 to 2 years through savings in maintenance and operating expenses. Savings continue to build as a result of lower labor costs for manual water testing, repairs for damaged equipment, and more efficient chemical feeding.


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